Dive! Canal Boating Holidays Underwater?

BELIEVE it or not it’s a narrowboat, pictured by John Whitehead near Botany Bay on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

With John telling our Brian Holmes that after hearing about it he was so intrigued he went out to look for  himself, telling us:

“It is indeed a strange vessel but to the trained eye definitely a narrowboat. It has no windows, no licence, no registration number and no name.”

Perhaps the latest method of licence evasion—disappearing when a British Waterways official comes into view! For surely the conning tower is too tall to fit under most bridges.

What to make of this, I do not know. I can only guess there’s a conventional narrowboat underneath there, and the owner(s) enjoy their privacy and security. For normal canal boating holidays I would recommend choosing a narrowboat with the large rectangular windows rather just the little round portholes, for better natural light below deck. Live aboarders sometimes have different priorities.


About andyroberts

Andy Roberts musician now living on the Isle of Wight.
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